About Karrah Bates

Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself? Like something feels “off,” but the words to describe it escape you? Maybe you’ve just started to feel this way; or maybe it seems it’s always been like this.

You’re not alone; we’re in this together. I counsel with a collaborative and existential approach. In other words, I use my genuine curiosity to learn about what gives your life meaning. While we’re on this road together, you’re in the driver’s seat. I’ll work alongside you to help utilize your strengths and find clarity as we look through the past, focus on the present, and head into the future. I work with adults who strive to learn about things like authentic identity establishment, quarterlife crises, self-harm, suicide prevention, LGBTQ+ concerns, and more.

I’m in awe of the unique strengths and differences people bring to sessions. I would be honored to see what makes you, you.

Karrah was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated in May 2022 with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Iowa. Karrah has worked with young adult and LGBTQ+ populations at the University of Northern Iowa’s Counseling Center, and at the University of Iowa’s Women’s Resource and Action Center. Karrah is a candidate for licensure.