About Rachelle

In order to heal and grow, feeling safe and secure are fundamental to mental health and overall wellness. Whether you are carrying burdens or pain from your past, feeling anxious or hopeless about the future, or have difficulty staying present and feeling fulfilled in your life today, my intention is to offer a safe space to share your vulnerability and process the heavy things that we sometimes struggle understanding.

Using evidence-based interventions and trauma informed care, my goal is to lead you to a non-judgmental, accepting and trusting, self-awareness to recognize your strengths, symptoms, and patterns. Together, we will consider the many parts of your identity and understand how your life and wellness may be impacted by your relationships, environment, culture, communities, and systems you are a part of. By taking a holistic approach, we will explore your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and the relationships you have with your mind, body, and soul. By understanding these, my hope is for you to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you, and to develop skills to form healthy relationships and boundaries, identify and regulate emotions, manage stress and triggers, and practice mindfulness.

I am a Master’s Level Social Worker and specialize working with depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, addiction, unhealthy relationships, family dynamics, negative self-image, shame, chronic stress and wellness coaching. I offer counseling to adolescents, young adults, and adult men and women. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Psychology at Central Michigan University and my Master’s Degree in Social Work in Health and Wellness from the University of Denver. I am also certified in Human, Environment and Animal Connections from the University of Denver and have specialized training with animal-assisted therapy and nature-based mindfulness interventions.

I believe each one of us have a unique and powerful story, and I would be honored to hear yours! Call for a free 20- minute consultation to take the first step in your healing journey.