Growth as a Spiral Staircase

One of the most common thoughts I have encountered in the mental health field, from others in my personal life and even myself at times is the notion that the growth we have experienced wasn’t real.  How this usually plays out is self-improvement has taken place and the client, friend, myself, or possibly even you reading this faces a setback...[ read more ]

How to Talk to Someone You Love about Trauma

Let's say your friend/partner/family member is involved in or experienced abuse, assault, neglect, medical trauma, grief, violence or any other type of trauma. How do you proceed? How do you support your loved one without re-traumatizing them? How do you talk with them if you don't know what to say? How do you manage your own emotions in front of...[ read more ]

Loss of Connection in the Pandemic: 4 Tips to Reconnect

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives,” Brene Brown. We are made to desire the energy that exists between people when we feel seen, heard, and valued. So what happens when we are unable to connect in ways we used to? This past year has been incredibly hard; we’ve experienced loss and...[ read more ]

How to Give Yourself Space to Grieve a Miscarriage

Despite peoples' and society's' expectations of how quickly you should move on from a miscarriage, it is not something that you can decide to just "get over" or "forget about." Having a miscarriage is emotionally devastating, and it is important to give yourself the space to grieve your baby and all of the dreams you had for them. While everyone...[ read more ]

Releasing Anxiety: 5 Tips for Recentering in Times of Inner Conflict

The anxious thoughts that swirl through our heads can cause us to feel like we can’t find our footing; like we are being flooded with all of our faults and flaws. Anxiety is a powerful force that can cause us to believe things that aren’t true. It can make us believe that we’ve never been here before and that we...[ read more ]

3 Suggestions for Getting Through 2020

At the risk of sounding like 99% of the world right now, 2020 has been a nightmare year in one way or another for most of us. We find ourselves suffering through a pandemic, lockdowns, and bitterly divided. Between Covid-19, economic, societal, and all non-pandemic health concerns it can feel like we're drowning. Writing on this topic is daunting because...[ read more ]

Trauma and Holidays

A wise woman once said to me that there is a chain reaction that leads from loss to grief to messy emotions, most of which are not necessarily straightforward or neatly compartmentalized. One thing that was particularly true about the context to her statement was that loss does not always or only mean death but that loss could mean a...[ read more ]

Our Bodies & The Holidays: 3 Tips for Greater Self-Acceptance

The lens through which we view ourselves, and our bodies, is often impacted by the voices that surround us – friends, family, media. We often internalize the things said about our bodies so that another person’s voice then becomes our own. Someone else’s expectations of our body become rules and standards that we start to enforce for ourselves, and we...[ read more ]

5 Tips on Coming Out for LGBTQIA

Coming out is no easy task. Regardless of your parents political affiliation and background, or how close and connected you may be, coming out can be extremely vulnerable and anxiety provoking.  Struggling with coming out can take on many shapes and forms: You've probably gone through hours of thought, and may have spent countless nights wondering and worrying about what...[ read more ]

How to Tame Anxiety

One way to understand anxiety is that it is a conditioned response. For lack of a better word, we basically “train” ourselves to be anxious. The best way to defeat it, is to not let it defeat us. Easier said than done. Overcoming mental health issues is not a walk in the park. This is because to beat them, you...[ read more ]

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