Free Trauma-Informed Yoga for all Current Adult Clients

($60 per session for non-Alpine Lakes Clients)

At Alpine Lakes, we offer a FREE trauma-informed yoga group to all of our clients. Trauma-Informed Yoga is just one approach that helps heal and regulate your nervous system.

Group therapy is a great supplement to Individual Therapy! Practicing these techniques that help regulate your nervous system will support (and sometimes speed up) the work you are doing in individual therapy. 

Trauma-Informed Yoga is known to improve concentration, focus, and attention. It helps increase interoceptive awareness skills; the ability to notice what is going on in your body, i.e. body sensations, tension and tightness, and somatic experiences. 

Trauma-Informed Yoga also supports reducing mental health symptoms including anxiety, anger, and exaggerated stress response. It allows you to practice emotional regulation and ultimately increases relaxation, and can improve sleep and mood. 

Additionally, trauma-informed yoga is sensitive to an individual’s past experiences of trauma, stress, and adversity. Taking into consideration what poses may feel uncomfortable to survivors of trauma, asking for permission before assisting with poses, and emphasizing the benefits over “perfect poses.” 

You will not only leave this group feeling equipped to better regulate your mood throughout the day. You will have a lifelong connection to a mental wellness community available to support your ongoing needs. 

Trauma-informed yoga is for all body types and levels. The purpose of yoga is to support nervous system regulation. 

Meet the Instructor: Susan Dalen

Weekly Tuesdays at 11:00am on Zoom.  A link will be provided after you register. 

You do not need to keep your cameras on for the class. 

To register email: