Will Gaub

Will Gaub is an intern at Alpine Lakes. He graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Grinnell College before entering the Master of Arts in Counseling Program at Regis University — where he is now in his third and final year. Will works primarily with clients who have experienced trauma, clients seeking counseling services for anxiety and depression, and clients identifying as male.

Will’s counseling philosophy centers around one important tenet: you are the expert in the therapy room. You, not your therapist or anyone else, ultimately know what is needed to move towards the healing you need. But gaining access to this inner healing intelligence can be easier said than done. Will implements mindfulness techniques which draw awareness to the mind-body connection and to more fully embracing the present moment. You may also discover that this process leads you to accept yourself more deeply as an irreplaceable piece of the world we all share.

It is through this process of acceptance, both of ourselves and of the world around us, that the stage becomes set for our inner healing intelligence to emerge and give us what we need to heal.